From the big screen to your flat screen. Shireen: "Miami just can't get enough of the rock."DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON: "It's my home."GI Jo Retaliation starring hometown hottz-oh-rama, Dwayne "The Rock Johnson" is being released on DVD. Wonder if i get screen saver with that.Settle down, big guy I like hills. Too bad, there's not a GI Joe half-naked version I could play at home. Shirts off – drop and give me 20 sometime recently I found myself.Shireen: "Between a rock and a hard place."DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON: "Indeed you are."The second film in the franchise focuses on the Joe's going rogue, after being attacked by our own government. The Rock knows what his fans expect.DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON: "They're going to expect fun. They're going to expect entertaining. They're going to expect badass. They're gonna expect cool."You'll get all that, and then some. Shireen: "When you come back to do action, do you feel at home, or are you just doing what you always do?"DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON: "It's awesome, I love action, I love making a family movie or a comedy or a lil bit of drama, but there is something always cool about action. It plays to my wiring, and my make up, that is to being a man of action and getting things done."During the movie I suffered something called ninja confusion. The Rock tried in vein to cure me. DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON: "It comes from within in the movie." Shireen: "OK."DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON: "Here's how you tell good ninja from bad ninja, see right now what you're wearing … it's very neutral." Shireen: "Good." DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON: "It could go either way." Shireen: "So you don't know if I'm going to kick your butt or…."DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON: "Kiss me, kick or kiss, kick or kiss but that's a good thing. not to know to keep it mysterious. let's go to louis, now sometimes the shirts he wears."In the meantime, my mom wouldn't put me in her will unless I delivered this message. Shireen: "Please tell the rock that i will leave your father for him. And his reply is… i will take you and drop you off."DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON: "Wow, susan thank you so much and i love your daughter."Shireen: "My dad's like yes."Do the Joe's save the day? Ninja confusion tells me yes or just see it for yourself on DVD.   

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