Despicable Me 2

In "Despicable Me 2", the Minions play the role of a lifetime and they're hilarious.

Kristen Wiig – "They're so funny. I could just watch them."

From helping Gru to raise the girls, to getting stolen by a mysterious Villain to finally helping save the woman. Gru loves and the world. The minions are everywhere.

And since they seem to have fun at all times it would be really awesome to party with them.

Steve Carell – "You have to have an enormous sense of fun."

Perhaps even take them to south beach.

Miranda Cosgrove- "I think they would love it there. They love the beach. They love having fun. They can pretty much have fun anywhere."

Or bring 'em back to your house.

Pharell – "Absolutely, I'd love to have a couple move in to my family's house, it would be the best entertainment for us all."

And if you wanna go a bit further and actually join the minion league, apparently you can.

Kristen – "There happens to be a minion camp."

But it seems you really got to have the right attributes.

Steve – "There aren't many that qualify, and you have to be yellow."

Miranda – "You'd have to get some like crazy goggles and you'd have to be yellow."

Kristen – "Some of them have one eye, some of them have two eyes, so you'd have to give that up."

Steve – "You have to be small and in the shape of a tic-tac."

Kristen – "You would have to shrink."

Steve – "You have to speak a language that really doesn't exist but you can kind of understand half the time."

Miranda – "I think it'd be pretty hard to get the voice down cuz I've tried to do it before and its like kinda impossible. I don't even know how they come up with it."

Steve – "Easy to fight with one another, also easy to forgive."