WSVN — Every day, we all drive the streets and interstates of South Florida, never considering this day could be our last day.

David West certainly didn't think like that.

David West, Jr.: "I would describe my dad as loving, caring, fun, very energetic."

David West, the father of seven, grandfather to many more, a deacon in his church, the leader of his large family.

Jessica Grant, David West's granddaughter: "He knew how to love his family and how to provide for his family, and most importantly, how to be a role model."

But in the early morning hours of March 2009, David was driving home from church on I-95 near the Golden Glades when he was targeted by a man who obviously never had a good role model.

Sergeant Douglas McCoy, Miami-Dade Police: "When a vehicle cut them off and stopped right in front of them. They stopped so abruptly that Mr. West had to hit his brakes, and their car skidded to a stop."

The attacker was driving a new dark blue Mustang like this one. He jumped out and rushed back to David's car.

Sergeant Douglas McCoy: "This allowed the offender to open Mr. West's door and begin to beat on him with his hands and fists."

The punching lasted less than a minute. David's wife was in the car and gave this description of the attacker to police. He looked like an Hispanic male between 25 and 35 years old with a birthmark over his right eyebrow.

Mr. and Mrs. West were shaken, but David drove home. Then after he got his wife into the house, he suddenly collapsed.

David West, Jr.: "He started having problems with bleeding, and he had to be rushed to the emergency, to Jackson Trauma."

Patrick Fraser: "David West slipped into a coma. Within days, he was brain dead. The family that adored him prayed for him, but no miracle came. So after three months, they gathered to face a horrible decision."

David West, Jr.: "The doctors presented us with a situation, and as a family, we did what Daddy would want."

Their father would want them to pull the plug. They did.

Dwayne Richardson, Minister: "Kind man."

Dwayne Richardson preached at David's church the night he was attacked.

Dwayne Richardson, Minister: "And I'll never forget the statement. We said to him, 'We'll see you tomorrow night.' And laughed back, 'No, you won't see me.' And unfortunately, we never saw him again."

Now, police and the family want to see this man pay for what he did.

Jessica Grant: "There's justice, and we're seeking justice today, and I think we need it as a family to move on. We need that closure."

His children miss him. His adorable grandchildren miss him.

Little girl: "His hugs."

Patrick Fraser: "You miss his hugs?"

Little girl: Nods yes.

David West is gone. This man who was driving a new Mustang a year ago is still roaming around.

Jessica Grant: "It hurts us to know that my grandfather died, and the man that took his life doesn't even know his worth, and the worth of a man matters."

If you were on I-95 and saw a blue Mustang like this or know a man that looks like this with a birthmark over his eye, give police a call. He killed a good man for no reason. That rage that burns in him will lead to more tragedies. Your call to Miami-Dade Police can be anonymous. David West's family would appreciate the help, and if you have lost a loved one, if you want to remind people you are still Out for Justice, give us a call.


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