Cooking Camp

WSVN — Grab the apron and chef's hat kids!

They're ready to cook up a storm this summer at Hugh's Catering in Fort Lauderdale!

From rolling sushi to creating decorative sweets, Chef Hugh and his talented staff teach campers the ins and outs of the kitchen.

Hugh McCauley: "They learn each day different elements of cooking."

The one week session teaches kids everything from baking to basting to food presentation.

Hugh McCauley: "This evening we are going to be making salmon, greens beans and pasta."

And there's a focus on nutrition. 13-year old Rebecca has food allergies.

Rebecca Gennett: "Gluten intolerant, soy intolerant and lactose intolerant."

The camp taught her to cook foods she could eat without losing flavor.

Rebecca Gennett: "How to combine the different ingredients to get a flavor so it tastes like the food isn't even missing anything."

Her mom is thrilled because she gets to enjoy her daughter's creations at home.

Darla May: "She's making full meals from the entree to the dessert, with appetizers on the side."

Tristan Parker has been coming to the camp for three years.

Tristan Parker: "I'm learning new stuff, I just keep getting better and better and better."

The 13-year-old likes to grill and sauté.

He says the camp opened his eyes and taste-buds to healthier choices.

Tristan Parker: "I'm probably going to eat more vegetables now that I know grilling them makes them taste much, much better."

Hugh has been cooking for the community for 30 years.

He says it's important for kids to learn this life skill and at this camp they will never get bored.

Hugh McCauley: "We might learn an omelet in the morning, we might turn into a chicken cordon blue for lunchtime."

Eleven-year-old Rachel loves to cook but admits making sushi can be a bit tricky.

Rachel: "I'm not a master at sushi yet because my roll always ends up overflowing."

She plans to keep trying new recipes and looks forward to eating them this summer.

Rachel: "It's always full of excitement."

Listen up mom and dad! The session ends with the kids making you dinner! Ages six and up are welcome.


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