Whether you rip it, pluck it, pull it or wax it.

Gloria: "A lot of people look at your brows first."

Keeping-up your eyebrows doesn't have to be a hairy situation.

PAULA SPERDUTO: "You never knew you needed this done until you had it done and then once you have it done you can't ever go without."

At Paula's Salon on South Beach keeping face is easy if you know the brow master.

Gloria: "An over plucked eyebrow is always a bad brow."

This eye curtain guru named Gloria, doesn't just groom you. She maps you it's the secret to her success.

Shireen: "How does one eyebrow map?"

GLORIA WILLIAMS: "Well, we measure the eyebrow where your nose is, where your mouth is and the end of your eye sockets."

From there, like with this virgin brow she creates with eye shadow-like color, the perfect shape for your face.

Gloria: "I start to think about what can I do to improve that persons face, to brighten it up, to open up their eyes, to bring out that something special in their personality, just with their brows."

Then with perfect precision she seals the deal by removing the strays, all kinds of ways.

PAULA SPERDUTO: "You wanna have some contrast on your face. You wanna be able to see your brows, bring out the eyes. So, if someone's has really light hair and you make their eyebrows light you wash them out."

The brow master also thinks man maintenance is a must.

GLORIA WILLIAMS: "What a lot of men don't know is a little bit of brow maintenance can make all the difference in the world in their face."

So leave your uni-brow at home guys.

Shireen: "What about uni-brow over there behind the camera? You need a little..right there."

GLORIA WILLIAMS: "He has a beautiful hooded lid."

Shireen: "You have a hooded lid."

No worries if you've gone tweezer-happy in the past.

GLORIA WILLIAMS: "What we try to do is put people in brow rehab. What that is, is trying to get back that brow when they were younger. A lot of times, the brow doesn't come back to how it was when you were in your teens, but with a little effort your brows can be full and beautiful again."

Who says bushy isn't beautiful?

Shireen: "In 2013, for you, what is in for an eyebrow? These days we wanna think of your God given brow, we want to enhance it a little bit, not take too much away from it, but really embrace the natural brow."

Mapping out a beauty plan with the brow master will give you the natural direction you need and you won't have to ask: Are we there yet?

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