(WSVN) — No parent wants to hear their child is overweight, but if you do, how do you change their eating habits and get them to exercise? 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us how a new program is making fitness fun in today’s Parent to Parent.

Most kids love spaghetti, but it’s not the most healthy meal, which is why students from Gulfstream Middle School are learning to make pasta that’s good for them.

Lynne Kunins is the brains behind this operation. As a mom, she knows how hard it is to get kids to eat healthy or even try something new. So she created Flipany, a group which helps families who face the same challenges.

Lynne Kunnis: “We all keep hearing that obesity is the highest it’s ever been, but then your pediatrician says you need to go to a program and there’s no place to go.”

So, she decided to bring together a group of nutrition and fitness experts, who head out into the community to teach kids how to make better choices.

Lynne Kunnis: “It’s making a few changes, and seeing over time how those one or three changes can impact your health.”

Lynne said middle school kids can be the most difficult to reach, so when it comes to having them try healthier foods, take a hands-on approach.

In this class, some of the students got to smell fresh basil for the first time. Then they made the zucchini pasta and tomato sauce.

Tia admits she’s a junk food junkie, but found out she likes tempting her tastebuds with something new.

Tia: “It was good, it was something different.”

Other students, like 12-year-old Rashaud Marcelin agreed.

Rashaud Marcelin: “It’s great to try it even though it might be scary.”

At home, Lynne said parents need to change dinner time habits and get back to basics. Sit at the table, eat dinner and talk. No phones, and no games.

Lynne Kunnis: “So, it’s really giving them tips, as well on how to re-connect, and how to sit and listen, and not be on social media.”

Flipany doesn’t just work in schools, they are now offering a free 12-week program for families who are struggling.

Lynne Kunnis: “They’re going to have access to a registered dietitian, access to a physical activity coordinator, they’re going to have access to a behavioral therapist and a culinary chef.”

Lynn Martinez: The program is worth $1,200 and is free to families who qualify.

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