It's a film filled with fun, fashion and fantastic betrayal. Shireen: "I love period pieces"Kiera Knightley: "So do I. It's an event movie, but it's a tragedy, and it's a period piece and that makes it unique."Academy Award nominated actress Keira Knightley stars in "Anna Karenina."It's a movie based on Leo Tolstoy's literary masterpiece of love gone tragic. The back-drop: Imperial Russia. In this day in age, we'd just call it really really rich people, acting really really cra cra. Shireen: "Was it daunting for you, or were you like, I'm going to do my own thing, because it really seemed like there was a lot involved making this character come to life." Kiera Knightley: "There was a lot involved in making this character come to life and it was very daunting, but it was equally, incredibly exciting, and the opportunity of playing someone like this was, it really doesn't come around very often and the way this film was put together, and i think i was just exhilirated."The movie weaves in and out of being a theatrical play. It's a film on stage so to speak, and it's visually delicious. Kiera Knightley: "I wish i had the jewelry, but unfortunately I had to give that back" Shireen: "The pearls were exquisite." Kiera Knightley: "The pearls, it's all real in the film, normally when you see films, it's not. these were very real diamonds, that came with a large body guard.  who was very nice as well"Shireen: "You could have taken him home with you too!"Kiera Knightley: "Exactly."Shireen: "Some of it honestly, when I was watching I was like, that could be a really great ad."Kiera Knightley: "Yeah, a lot of it you go, that would be a great ad."Kiera Knightley: "A  lot of the dresses were actually based on 1950's couture, so it's got that kind of play on modernity and the emotions are very modern, and the way the characters relate, is the same way we relate now but it's set in the extra-ordinary world."It's also the third time including Atonement and Pride & Prejudice Keira has worked with director Joe Wright. Shireen: "He said that you were fearless, and I thought he was talking about me."Kiera Knightley: "I'm sure you are as well." Shireen: "In my interviewing I am k "brilliant."She describes Joe as…Kiera Knightley: "Wow. As a person, as a creative mind, as a director, wow."The same can be said about the movie.Keira Knightley is defintely at her best, give the girl a Golden Globe and for godsakes let her take home the diamonds.

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