2 arrested in theft of 23,000 iPhones at MIA

MIAMI (WSVN) — Two men are facing some serious charges after, police said, they were behind a multimillion-dollar heist at Miami International Airport involving thousands of iPhones.

According to Miami-Dade Police, Joaquin Rivas and Yojani Carballosa were responsible for the theft of 23,000 iPhones, valued at more than $6 million, from the LAN Cargo facility at MIA. They have been charged with grand theft and tampering with evidence.

Investigators said Rivas approached a man and told him that he "would be paid up to $40,000 dollars for his participation in the theft." What Rivas did not know was that this man was a confidential informant for Miami-Dade Police.

Officials said Rivas delivered a cargo truck to the informant, complete with phony graphics on the doors. Investigators said Rivas also gave the informant a fake driver’s license and delivery truck uniform.

On April 2, police said, Rivas had the informant drive to MIA. The informant then approached a warehouse clerk who allowed the multimillion dollar shipment of iPhones to be loaded onto the truck.

Investigators said the informant drove the truck to a Home Depot where it was received by Carballosa. Police said Carballosa also helped Rivas "affix signage to the tractor trailer that was subsequently used in the the theft of Apple iPhones."

Police moved in shortly after the heist and arrested both men.