Zip along South Beach on this Thriller boat ride

There are plenty of ways to tour Miami, but there’s only one way to cruise South Beach at 55 miles an hour. Deco took a ride on a go-fast boat that promises to give you the thrill of your life.

Miami Vice put South Florida on the map with its flashy depiction of steamy nightlife, fast cars and faster boats.

Now you can release your inner Crockett and Tubbs — on The Thriller.

Ana Breuer, marketing manager: “The Thriller is a high speed ride. It’s the only speedboat in Miami and the only ones that actually go out to the ocean and speed along South Beach.”

This is a tour boat on steroids. The thriller is designed with just one thing in mind.

Ana Breuer: “Of course, it’s a thrilling ride.”

Along with an epic bad hair day, you’ll also see the homes of the rich and famous. A tour guide points out the sights and cracks a few jokes.

Tour guide: “Alright you guys make some noise, we just reached our top speed.”

Tour guide: “You guys ready to go fast. Let’s do it. Here we go!”

With the music cranked to 11, the Thriller takes you to the ocean for some great views of South Beach.

On the way, you’ll get a quiz on your SoFlo celebrity knowledge.

Tour guide: “Can you see this three story white house? This actually belongs to a very famous Puerto Rican superstar known for living la vida loca.”

Tour guide: “No, thats close. Not Marc Anthony.”

Tour guide: “If you look closely at her yacht, take a look — she actually named it after herself. It’s Carmen Electra.”

Guest 1: “Just seeing everything was amazing.”

Looks like the Thriller lives up to its name.

Guest 2: “The water splashing, it was pretty cool, it was lit.”

Guest 3: “I thought it was awesome. Wow! All the sights we saw and zoom zoom, speeding on the boat. I had a great time.”

So, if you want to see the sights, in record time, this boat’s a thrill a minute.


Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventures
401 Biscayne Blvd. (located inside Bayside Marketplace)
Miami, FL 33132

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