(CNN) — Harry Styles has always been one to color outside the lines as an artist, and his latest music video is only the latest example.

In the video for “Music For a Sushi Restaurant,” which premiered on Thursday, the former One Direction star appears as a mer-creature — half man, half squid (or is it an octopus?) — who finds himself in the kitchen of a sushi restaurant as cooks all around him chop up and fry various aquatic animal for gourmet dishes.

Styles is at first taken aback at all the activity, until his singing eventually causes him to take the upper hand — but not before he is tempted by one of the cooks holding a bucket of small fish, one of which Styles catches in his mouth.

Soon, the “X Factor” alum becomes a lounge act, of sorts, at Gill’s Sushi, where he’s perched on what looks to be a sea rock while shirtless and wearing seashell necklaces, his white and pinkish squid tentacles hanging long beneath his torso.

Aside from taking the title of the track quite literally, the bizarre video is somehow fitting for the catchy song, which heavily features trumpets and Styles’ unique crooning.

Standout moments include Styles’ mer-creature acting like a bit of a diva backstage at the divey establishment, getting a manicure and having everyone wait on him hand and, well, tentacle.

“Music For a Sushi Restaurant” is the third single off Styles’ third studio album “Harry’s House,” released in May. The song was released as a single earlier this month.

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