William H. Macy directs new sex comedy ‘The Layover’

Longtime character actor William H. Macy is in the director’s chair for his next project, and the movie he’s directing is probably the last thing you’d expect from him. The Emmy winner is giving Deco the scoop about “The Layover.”

Things are getting a little trashy in “The Layover,” directed by William H. Macy. It’s about BFFs turned enemies — all because of a guy!

William H. Macy: “Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton do battle for the affections of Matt Barr.”

When the gal pals hit a rough patch in their careers, they decide to take a trip to — where else? — Florida to blow off some steam.

Matt Barr (as Ryan): “I think I’m in the middle there.”

After a hurricane reroutes their flight to St. Louis, it’s game on to win over the hunk from the plane.

William H. Macy: “The one-upmanship reaches a point where I think both women realize, ‘There could be some serious bodily harm if we don’t solve this.'”

Matt L. Jones (as Craig): “Whoa! That was a straight up killshot!”

Alexandra Daddario (as Kate): “You took a [expletive] killshot at me?!”

C’mon! Bombshells like Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario throwing down over some dude?!

William H. Macy: “What’s special about him? That’s what’s special about him. We did the pool scene. He took off his shirt, crickets stopped chirping, birds stopped flying.”

OK, we get it, he’s ridiculously good looking. Hey, all three of them are!

William H. Macy: “I suggested we breed them and sell the puppies to raise money. Plus they’re really funny. They’re all really funny people. That part of the filming was really easy — just turn on the camera and stay out of their way.”

Kate Upton (as Meg): “Oh, cute suit. I’ll see you by the pool!”

You can see “The Layover” on DirecTV. The film will also premiere in theaters Sept. 1.

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