Where Locals Smoke is the smoke shop we never knew we needed

Smoke ’em if you got ’em. And Where Locals Smoke has got ’em, all right. It’s a smoke shop like you’ve never seen before, because they’ve got products that aren’t typically sold in SoFlo, or the state, or maybe even the entire country.

A Bob Ross energy drink? Garbage Pail Kids cereal? Apple Coca-Cola? What is this place?

Sasha Gonzales, Where Locals Smoke: “It’s a one-of-a-kind, unique smoke shop where you can find a lot of exotic items. We have things that a typical smoke shop would have, but we also have a lot of things that they won’t.”

Where Locals Smoke in North Miami Beach is a treasure trove of goodies you can’t typically find around town.

Sasha Gonzales: “Where Locals Smoke has the largest selection of exotic sodas and cereals in all of Miami. We have candy, we have chips. You name it, we’ve probably got it.”

Exotic as in items from Taiwan, South Korea, the U.K., China, Japan, Indonesia and more.

Derek Camejo, customer: “Country Club — it’s a grape soda. It’s from Dominican Republic. I grew up drinking it as a little kid, and here is the only place for miles that has it, so I take advantage every time I come, and I have to grab one.”

The soda selection is impressive, and so are all the snacks and treats. Look at this giant Ring Pop!

But the cereals are really blowing our mind. There’s “Black Panther” cereal, “Deadpool *Bleep* Flakes” — classic Deadpool.

And for you “Rick And Morty” fans out there, you’ve got multiple options, including “Pickle Rick.”

We could go on and on, because there’s just so much here, but you’ve just gotta see this stuff for yourself.

And we should mention, even though this is a smoke shop, this place smells great.

Alexis Lassiter, customer: “I walked into another one, it smelled like, it smelled like smoke, and so it was really refreshing to walk in here.”

Sasha Gonzales: “It just gives a different vibe from other smoke shops, and it’s a good one. it makes you wanna come back.”

Listen up, all you smoke, snack and soda enthusiasts. Where Locals Smoke plans on opening a location in Sunny Isles in 2020.

Where Locals Smoke
1218 NE 163rd St,
North Miami Beach, FL 33162

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