When social distancing is over, socialize at La Vie En Blanc‘s tea room

La Vie En Blanc is full of surprises. The Fort Lauderdale lifestyle boutique has some of the coolest furniture, clothing and home decor around. The best find, though, might be something you wouldn’t expect, and that sounds magnificent.

Spending time in Fort Lauderdale’s La Vie En Blanc is like taking a trip across the ocean.

Caroline Giraud, La Vie En Blanc: “La Vie En Blanc is a lifestyle store where 85% of what comes here comes from Europe.”

What comes here from the continent is sweet indeed.

Caroline Giraud: “We do furniture. We do home accessories. We do clothing, jewelry, gifts, candles, anything you can think of.”

You’ll need to be at the top of your game choosing among all this great stuff.

No problem, they’ve got the perfect place to recharge when you’re here.

Caroline Giraud: “There is a surprise. There is our little tea salon where people can come have breakfast, lunch or the afternoon tea.”

Opening a tea salon inside the boutique was a no-brainer. The two complement one another perfectly.

Caroline Giraud: “It just makes sense with this period of the store all together. It’s not anymore a store. It’s a place where you want to be.”

Who wouldn’t want to be in a stress-free cafe, sipping sublime tea?

Lenore Nolan Ryan, La Vie En Blanc: “We do a beautiful French tea from Mariage Frères, which is the oldest tea house in France. It’s over 200 years old, and we get all our teas from them.”

From pureed soups to healthy salads and sandwiches, the food selections are fresh and light.

Lenore Nolan Ryan: “Just small and petite, we don’t do a big menu.”

Of course, they do offer a variety of pastries. Trust us, you’re gonna want to make room for these beauties.

Lenore Nolan Ryan: “We do a beautiful creme brulee tart. We also have the bread pudding, which always has fresh fruit and chocolate.”

Gaze upon the piece de resistance. They call it, “The Tropezianne.”

Lenore Nolan Ryan: “A kirsch filling with a brioche pastry, and that is sugar-topped, and it was first made in 1955 in St. Tropez.”

To shop, to dine, it is a dream, no? At La Vie En Blanc, dreams come true.

Jeanne Blaison, customer: “I just think it’s so fun that you get to come in and look around for clothing, and then, get to take a break from it and stop to get coffee, tea.”


La Vie En Blanc
701 S. Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

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