Vicky’s House will make your 80s milkshake dreams come true

The 80s are back. Turns out holding on to your stuff from that decade has it’s benefits… at least it did for one spot in town. Grab some leg warmers and your favorite Nintendo game ’cause we are going back in time.

Get ready for some epic time travel. Vicky’s House in Coconut Grove is an 80s flashback.

Matthew Kuscher, owner: “This is my house circa 1986 and it’s a time machine back into my childhood.”

The books, the lights, the baskets, and even the furniture inside actually came from his mom’s house circa 1986.

Matthew Kuscher: “My mom never threw anything away, for whatever reason. The bathroom has my original dresser that my mom didn’t throw away and literally my toys and books and trunk from camp.”

And what they couldn’t find — they made to match.

Matthew Kuscher: “I have a picture of my mom’s house. And if you look at that picture, I have the same exact wall paper, the same exact flooring.”

Adriana Morejon, customer: “Vicky’s House is awesome. This place is awesome. I like the feel of it and I would come here all the time.”

This spot is from the same folks behind Lokal burgers and beer, which is next door… so it makes sense to have an 80s way to get from Lokal to Vicky’s House.

Matthew Kuscher: “I recreated ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ and put a time machine phone booth, and when you walk through the phone booth, you’re really walking into 1986.”

It isn’t just an ode to 80s decor — they’re serving up radical rootbeer floats and epic milkshakes with an 80s vibe.

Matthew Kuscher: “Here we have these over the top milkshakes. ‘Golden Girls’ is everything blonde. We have banana milkshake, we have Twinkies, we have vanilla wafers.”

And, from popcorn, Reese’s Pieces, Baby Ruth and Cola gummies — the “E.T. goes to the movies to watch The Goonies” has everything you want at the movies — and it’s a nod to its namesake.

Matthew Kuscher: “Obviously the reason we put Reese’s Pieces in there is ‘E.T.’ and then Sean from ‘The Goonies,’ Baby Ruth is a big deal.”

Matthew Kuscher: “‘The Breakfast Club’ is what you need to start the day. You have your Salty Donut, your Miami Smokers bacon, you have the salty sweet that is delicious and that shot of collata to top it off.”

Party on Deco — the shakes and the feel at Vicky’s House are awesome and bodacious.

Vicky’s House
3190 Commodore Plaza
Miami, FL 33133

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