Unique doughnut creations at Bake Shack

As Lynn always says, there’s not a problem that can’t be fixed with donuts. And Chris has no problem trying all the dynamite doughnut creations at Bake Shack.

Bake Shack in Dania Beach is cooking up some really great goodies.

Keith Freiman, owner: “Bake Shack is a local home baked bakery. Everything is made from scratch.”

From cookies to cakes, fritters to focaccia, breads to buns — it’s all baked fresh daily.

Keith Freiman: “Truly giving a quality product at great price point.”

And the doughnut selection here is sweet.

Keith Freiman: “Any dessert you can think of that you’ve eaten in a restaurant, I am putting inside a doughnut.”

At Bake Shack, it’s always time to eat the doughnut.

Keith Freiman: “I have a lot of unique flavors, and some go back to classics. I have a s’mores with homemade marshmallow, and it’s burnt on top. The Blackberry Blintz is a creative one. It has a cream cheese, blackberry filling.”

But it’s more than just a bakery. It’s a restaurant, too, where everything is made from scratch.

Keith Freiman: “My establishment doesn’t have a microwave. My home doesn’t have a microwave.”

The waffles and pancakes are fluffy and giant. The eggs are “egg-cellent.” And the sandwiches and salads are delish.

Keith Freiman: “The daily focaccia flavor changes every day. I do a steak sandwich on it, and I do chicken sandwiches on them.”

But the thing that will have you saying “oh, boy” is the Dough Boy.

Keith Freiman: “A Dough Boy is our doughnut bread that we cook. It is not glazed, it is not filled. It is a plain doughnut, and we toast it, and by toasting it, it gives it the same effect as a croissant.”

It’s a sandwich, but instead of rye or wheat, they are using doughnut bread.

Keith Freiman: “A doughnut dough is a typical bread. It is not a sweet dough at all. What makes it sweet is what you put on top, and in the middle.”

Mike Richards, customer: “Everything they have here is great. The doughnuts, the lunch; this Dough Boy was really great.”

Bake Shack is making Dough Boys with eggs and your choice of breakfast meat, or as a grilled cheese served with tomato bisque.

Keith Freiman: “It goes back to a classic of grilled cheese and tomato soup, which everyone loves, and we are going to twist it around and put it on a doughnut.”

Bake Shack serves up their entire menu until 3 p.m.

Get there before it’s gone, or else you’ll have to wait until they bake it up the next day.

Keith Freiman: “The motto at Bake Shack — ‘make sure everyone is happy.'”


Bake Shack
238 S. Federal Hwy.
Dania Beach, FL 33004
(754) 217-4235

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