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When I got the assignment this week to do a story on VH1’s new “Naked Dating” show for Deco Drive, I was beyond intrigued and not because I needed a date, either. Although I have to admit, cutting thru all the dressings of life in one fell swoop, in my birthday suit, on national television did sound like a soul baring experience. It was really more about my obsession with all things fashionably nude.

While interviewing Chuck Handy (yes, that’s his real name,) a Miami bachelor who’s featured on the reality show, I realized that loving yourself in the buff wasn’t just a new fad on TV. Over the last few years, “The Transparent Trend” has become a major player in fashion, too.

Matter-of-fact, for the rest of Summer and into the first part of Fall, anything bare, buff, beige, naked, nude or see-through is a must have for the full-time fashionista. Whether it’s a pretty purse, sexy shoes, a pair of pale colored pants or reflective accessories, going crystal clear is completely cool. Here’s what you need to tackle the trend…

Purse: This is at the top of the list. A clear purse is the best way to express “The Transparent Trend.” Although, there are a lot of go-to glass-like beautiful bags, the best ones are either functional or frilly.

A basic hobo is fantastic for work or a long, lazy weekend away from home. It’s also a good way to hide the inner workings of a pellucid purse (if you’re not exactly a neat freak.) Clothing with creative textures, fun prints and fab frills can fashionably line the outside of the pocketbook and the messy part can be masterfully hidden in the middle.

I love artistically adorning my hobo with cool make-up bags, bedazzled change purses, unusual keychains and fab iPhone cases (I collect them.) After I put everything inside my purse, I shake it all up and let it free fall into its own fashionable place.

Featuring your frilly side with an evening clutch or delicate pocketbook is fun, too. You just have to pay closer attention to what you’re putting inside. It’s easy to make it look perfect if you pare things down with a pretty lipstick, a powder compact and a petite wallet.

I recently fell head over heels in love with Koko & Palenki’s dashingly dainty, see-through, perfume bottle bag (pictured in the blog.) It’s unique, feminine and a fantastic collector’s item (not to mention a great conversation piece.) I love its gold and black detailing and the chunky white leather and chain-wrapped strap.

Shoes: Wearing clear, nude or barely there shoes has always been a leg lengthening secret weapon of mine. The trend is so timeless, you can practically wear it with anything. The idea is to match the exact skin tone of your legs to your fancy footwear. The combo immediately makes you look longer and taller; especially in pictures.

This Summer, natural colored gladiator flats, nude ballet shoes (with criss cross straps) and pointy beige, closed-toed, studded flats have been mainstays. Hold tight to these trends, because as Fall put its best foot forward, these fashions will rise to a mid-heel occasion.

I don’t think it’s stylish to go completely clear (unless you’re a fitness model or a pageant contestant.) However, you can get away with “The Transparent Trend” on the side of your shoe. Jazz it up with a nude or white lining on the front or back of the heel and you’ll be toe-tally on trend. Ted Baker, Christian Louboutin and Chanel have mastered the barely-there footwear, but BCBG, Steve Madden and Stuart Weitzman aren’t far behind.

If you prefer to keep things comfy, the jelly sandal will definitely take you through the end of Summer, but after Labor Day, put them away and trade your plastic in for a pair of beige Birkenstocks. I know fashionistas have mixed emotions about the return of the hippie slide-on, but it’s not only comfortable, it’s a classic (check-out my blog from earlier this summer on birks: ).

Clothes: Anything lace, mesh or caged with a nude underlay is the must have clothing article of the moment. Over the past few months, almost every fashion blogger, designer or diva that I follow on social media, has posted one or more outfits with a see-thru theme. Including myself…

After shooting my pictures for the “The Transparent Trend,” I bought the Alexis romper featured in the blog. Although it’s intricate in style, it’s easy to wear and comes off as elegant and eclectic. It was definitely an investment piece, but with it’s naked-like underpinnings, it was worth every penny.

I say, an ultra mini or a long, ladylike, formfitting dress with a buttery beige or nude underlining (with some type of lace on top) is the best way to express the trend. Pair the look with a nude shoe and you’re ready for the runway.

Accessories: When it comes to your bling; earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings should be chandelier-clear. The idea is to create reflective light around your face. Think glimmer and shimmer; like when the sun first rises in the morning and dances across the ocean.

In the meantime, back to my interview with my new “Naked Dating” friend, Chuck Handy.

He told me: “Once I was naked on TV for about 20 minutes, I just didn’t think about it anymore. I just let go and enjoyed the moment. Being naked is liberating.” While I can see where Chuck is coming from (literally and figuratively speaking,) for me, baring myself in the buff is a little more daring than I’m willing to do on a date and honestly, my vanity just wouldn’t allow it.

So instead, I’ll use my see-through, naked, nude, buff and beige wardrobe to express my inner ‘take it all off and get to know you more than I ever wanted to’ side and that’s why “The Transparent Trend” is one of my favorite things.

Ps. You can see Chuck and his cast mates bare their bottoms on “Naked Dating” every Thursday at 9pm on VH1.

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