‘The Masked Singer’ creator discusses show’s South Korean origins

(WSVN) - “The Masked Singer” has captivated audiences and keeps viewers guessing each week. Now, the show’s creator is describing how it all came about. “The Masked Singer” is actually based on a show in South Korea, and tonight, we’re introducing you to the man who discovered it.

Nick Cannon (on “The Masked Singer”): “These are our final six masked singers.”

It’s mesmerizing audiences young and old.

“The Masked Singer” is a bona fide hit.

Ken Jeong, judge: “To me, it is just beyond my wildest dreams, which really is a credit to Craig Plestis [and] Izzie Pick Ibarra.”

Robin Thicke, judge: “Is that how you say his name? I’ve been trying to figure that out for a year.”

Ken Jeong: “Rob is like, ‘I wanna give him credit, but I don’t know how to say it.'”

Craig Plestis, executive producer: “This is probably one of the most expensive masks that we ever produced.”

Executive Producer Craig Plestis had a hunch it’d be a big hit when he saw the original Korean show in a restaurant.

Craig Plestis: “Everyone was watching it. I turned around and saw it. It was like fly paper for me. It was different, and I gravitate toward things that are fresh and non-derivative, so when I saw that, I thought, ‘There’s something here.'”

The Monster (in “The Masked Singer”): “I fought my demons.”

Nicole Scherzinger (in “The Masked Singer”): “Oh, a fighter.”

Craig said the clue packages are key to solving who’s behind the mask.

Craig Plestis: “If you watch the clue packages and re-watch it again, you can figure out who that person is behind the mask, and I want to give that ability.”

The show is already planning for Season 2, and the contestant wish list is high.

Craig Plestis: “I would kill to have [Barack] Obama on the show. I don’t think it’s ever going to happen, but that’s an unexpected name to have someone like that, and the mask comes off, and you go, ‘Oh, my God.'”

Nick Cannon (in “The Masked Singer”): “Take it off!”

With millions watching wanting to know the celebs behind the masks, Craig’s biggest challenge is keeping secrets.

Craig Plestis: “We have a whole department that’s just a security-geared department, and that was Season 1 when no one knew. We were on no one’s radar, and we still implemented all of that. Season 2 is going to be monumental about keeping the secret.”

Nick Cannon (in “The Masked Singer”): “One of their famous faces will be unmasked tonight!”

A new episode of “The Masked Singer” airs Wednesday night at 9 p.m., right here on 7.

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