The ladies of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ bring the funny to Season 5

If making you laugh was a crime, then the cast of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” would be locked up. Thankfully, laughing isn’t a crime, and this show is back for Season 5.

Joe Lo Truglio (as Charles Boyle): “This is way too much stuff.”

Andy Samberg (as Jake Peralta): “It’s too heavy to carry all the way back.”

But this police academy isn’t just about the guys.

The ladies of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz, also bring the funny. Like when they told Deco how close the cast is.

Stephanie Beatriz: “We all live in a commune, and we all call each other by our characters’ names when we’re not on set.”

Melissa Fumero: “We’ve been trying to keep it under wraps because some people think it’s weird.”

Stephanie Beatriz: “But it’s getting out now, so you know what? We’re just like, ‘Go with it!'”

Melissa Fumero: “Yeah. We each have a cabin, so it’s like everybody has privacy.”

Stephanie Beatriz: “There’s like a pre-school for all the kids.”

Melissa Fumero: “We eat dinners together at a very long table.”

Catch an all new episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” at 9:30 p.m. right here on Channel 7.

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