The faces behind ‘The Emoji Movie’

The emojis are branching out. The icons are going beyond text messages and social media posts to Hollywood, with a movie all their own. Deco’s human emoji, Chris Van Vliet, has the story.

Emojis have feelings, too. And they’re showing off those feelings in a brand new movie — which is appropriately titled “The Emoji Movie.”

It’s “appy” hour all the time in the new emoji movie where the emojis come to life inside a smartphone.

T.J. Miller (as Gene): “Welcome to the world inside your phone where everyone is expected to act one way their whole life.”

And acting one way is a problem for emojis like Gene.

T.J. Miller (as Gene): “I’m supposed to be a ‘Meh.’ You know, like ‘Meh, who cares,’ but my problem is I have more than one emotion.”

And that gets him into a lot of trouble. But T.J. Miller, who voices Gene, says there’s nothing wrong with mixing it up.

T.J. Miller: “He thinks he’s a malfunction because he can’t just be the one way that his society wants him to be, but he in fact doesn’t have a malfunction. He’s got a really special gift and one that everybody can learn from.”

Maya Rudolph is Smiler, but don’t let her face fool ya — she’s one mean lady.

Maya Rudolph: “As the movie builds, she gets crazier and more evil, and she’s smiling through the entire thing, which is really fun.”

T.J. Miller (as Gene): “That’s our user, Alex.”

Jake Austin plays Alex. He’s the guy who brings the emojis to life.

Jake Austin: “I use emojis all the time, so when I heard they were making a movie about it I was intrigued. I was interested in how I could possibly, you know, be a part of it.”

And Gene spends most of the movie trying not to get deleted because of that mistake.

Jude Kouyate (as Poop Jr.): “I’m gonna work on the phone, and I’m only ten!

Sir Patrick Stewart (as Poop): “That’s because I believe in you.”

Sir Patrick Stewart stars as the poop emoji, and apparently he took his love for the role a bit too far.

Sir Patrick Stewart: “I assumed everyone in the world knew I was playing poop, and I was replying to a text of a dear, dear lovely friend, and so I signed off not with my name, Patrick, but with the poop emoji and I didn’t hear back from him.”

With all this talk about emojis, the cast told Deco which icon they would use to describe themselves.

Sir Patrick Stewart: “The one where the heart is reverberating.”

Maya Rudolph: “The one that’s laughing so hard, it’s got the tears coming out.”

“The Emoji Movie” premieres July 28.

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