You know those video games you played as a kid that you have stashed away somewhere? Leave them where they are, because a bar in Broward has all your favorites fired up and ready to go. The best part? It’s the best price: $free.99.

Tenth Level Tavern in Oakland Park isn’t your average bar. One look around and you know you’re in a gamer’s paradise.

Joey Cammisa, Tenth Level Tavern: “Lots of original classic arcade games, classic console games, newer stuff like PlayStation 4, Xbox. Basically every kind of video game from Atari up to present, we try to carry in here.”

Joey Cammisa
Joey Cammisa

Now we know that plenty of places have a few video games on hand, but Tenth Level was determined to be different.

Joey Cammisa: “Whereas here I wanted to make sure that every seat had a controller in front of it, and you could always play games whenever you came in.”

Opening an arcade bar — or a “barcade” — was something that made perfect sense.

Joey Cammisa: “Most of the games we have here are actually from my childhood that I just kept and maintained over the years, and then when I just decided to open the bar, I said, ‘You know what? I’ve got these all already. Why not just plug ’em in and let people play with them?'”

The tavern gives you a chance to turn back the clock and relive good times. “Just those nostalgic moments of being able to sit down with your friends, play through a game, enjoy yourself for a little while. It’s something I really wanted to bring back.”

Of course, you won’t be sipping on juice boxes here.

Joey Cammisa: “Now that I’m older, I can drink and have a good time and enjoy myself with it, so I thought, ‘Why not combine the two?'”

The selection of craft beers at the tavern is just as impressive.

Joey Cammisa: “We have hundreds of different beers, all different styles and types, from local breweries, stuff from all over the country.”

One thing you find out quickly. When you’re here, you’re family.

Joey Cammisa: “I’ve seen relationships be formed from people, ‘Oh, hey, would you like to play a game? Will you do this with me?’ Entire, like, worlds have been created here for people.”

All it’ll cost you to have a great time is your bar tab.

Joey Cammisa: “Come in here, everything’s always free to play. Just enjoy yourself.”

Everyone’s a winner at Tenth Level Tavern.

Karen: “I bring dates here because it’s something that we can do together. We can drink or not drink and kinda hang out and have fun.”

Tenth Level Tavern
1242 N.E. 38th St.
Oakland Park, FL 33334
(954) 559-1414

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