Teen superheroes make big screen debut in ‘Teen Titans Go! To the Movies’

When it comes to being a superhero, our own Chris Van Vliet is our guy. He’s got the scoop on some teenagers who want to be crime solvers, and never seem to grow up.

We’ve seen movies about all sorts of superheroes and comic book characters.

Now it’s the Teen Titans’ turn.

“Teen Titans Go! To the Movies” is giving the characters from the Cartoon Network show their time to shine.

And of course we got to talk to the Titans in person.

Scott Menville (as Robin): “They are finally going to make a movie about me.”

Announcer (in “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies”): “The story of Batman’s greatest ally.”

Scott Menville (as Robin): “It’s me. It must be.”

Announcer (in “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies”): “Alfred: the movie.”

In “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies,” Robin is on a caped crusade to star in his own superhero film.

Scott Menville (as Robin): “It’s time they make one about me.”

Kristen Bell (as Jade Wilson): “I’m afraid it’s no. I only make movies about real superheroes.”

You can’t get heroes more super than these guys.

They’ve been Teen Titans for years.

Scott Menville: “There is an original Teen Titan series that we started how many years ago?”

Greg Cipes: “Seventeen.”

Greg Cipes, Scott Menville and Hynden Walch voiced Beast Boy, Robin and Starfire in the TV series — and now in the movie.

So there’s a lot of bonding going on here.

Hynden Walch: “We are playing the same characters. We actually recorded a little bit separately for the movie, and we are always together when we record for the television show. We are superhero brothers and sisters, and we really love each other.”

Greg Cipes: “I carried a picture of them with me everywhere I went.”

Even Teen Titans need a change of pace.

Some of them would jump at the chance to get a new superpower.

Hynden Walch: “I want Beast Boy’s power. That sounds like the best deal to me is being able to be an animal, any animal you want. Though mostly I would be a bird.”

Greg Cipes: “I wouldn’t change my superhero power. I like that. I love animals so much.”

As for the boy wonder, he’s definitely up for something new.

Scott Menville: “I’d take Starfire’s power. I’d love to fly and shoot stuff.”

Scott Menville (as Robin): “We’re taking you down.”

Fun Teen Titans fact — Greg Cipes, the man behind Beast Boy, is actually from South Florida!

So if his family is watching … Hi, Beast Boy’s mom and dad!

“Teen Titans Go! To the Movies” is out in theaters Friday.

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