Sushi by Boū offers a unique Omakase dining experience

Don’t bother looking at the menu. At one SoFlo restaurant, you’re not giving orders. You’re taking them.

In a world full of crowded restaurants and giant food portions, Sushi by Boū on South Beach is taking the dining experience in a different direction.

Michael Sinensky, restaurateur: “Our meal is for the people who have true love and respect for the Japanese food sushi.”

This restaurant has only four seats, and it’s an hour long from start to finish.

Michael Sinensky: “Four guests every hour get an amazing sushi experience, which is called ‘Omakase,’ which means ‘trust me’ in Japanese.”

Here, you don’t get it your way.

Michael Sinensky: “In Japan, a traditional sushi meal is where the chefs … pretty much, you trust them to make you whatever they want, and they serve you piece by piece.”

This meal is 17 courses.

Michael Sinensky: “Each course for the dining experience is usually one piece of sushi, which is called ‘nigiri.'”

Sushi by Boū is in the former Versace mansion, which is a South Beach icon.

Guests check in with the hostess and then are given a key to the restaurant for their one-hour meal.

Michael Sinensky: “Our concept actually takes place in the wing where Gianni Versace lived. This was part of his master bedroom suite.”

From raw to seared, you get to try all sorts of sushi.

Michael Sinensky: “Guests get blue fin tuna. We serve different parts of the tuna, so there’s the lean part called ‘akami,’ there is the fatty part called ‘chutoro‘ and then there’s the super fatty part called ‘otoro.’ It’s like a tuna flight.”

For the land lovers, one course is for you.

Michael Sinensky: “Our most famous piece is sea urchin on top of Wagyu beef. That is our surf and turf.”

Sushi by Boū costs $125 per person, and includes taxes and gratuity

Hershel Cannon, customer: “It’s such an intimate experience. Being able to have such amazing, fresh quality fish in such an amazing setting is just something that you don’t get often.”

Since they are only feeding 20 people a night, the meal books up months in advance, but it’s worth it.


Sushi by Boū
1116 Ocean Dr.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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