It’s in the books. Strawberry Shortcake is now the official dessert of Florida.

This perfect piece of pastry has been inspirational through the years. Deco found a trio of tasty tributes to this sweet treat.

In a move that stunned dessert lobbyists, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis declared strawberry shortcake Florida’s official dessert. At Pink Love Donuts and More in Miami Beach, they know what it takes to turn it into a hand-held delight.

Diego Macedo: “Has to be fluffy, has to have the creaminess and the freshness of the strawberries, basically.”

Making a strawberry shortcake doughnut is simple. Here’s how the magic happens.

Diego Macedo: “We cut our doughnut in half, we put the cream in the middle, we cut fresh strawberries from local producers in the center, and then we powder sugar all around with a fresh strawberry on top.”

You can also try an uncut version, with all the cream on the inside or check out something called Strawberry Fields.

The strawberry shortcake donut is the kind of mess you’re going want to get into.

Avi Fried: “It’s good. It’s soft, it’s tasty, it’s sweet. It’s everything you really want in a strawberry shortcake.”

At We Take The Cake in Fort Lauderdale, they’re upping the ante on the traditional dessert.

Kevin Petrovsky: “We have a strawberry cake that’s been inspired by the strawberry shortcake, and it’s one of the top three cakes that we sell every week.”

The Strawberry four-layer cake is made up of strawberry-infused vanilla cake, vanilla cream and fresh strawberries. Then it’s covered with vanilla cream cheese icing and topped with white chocolate.

Kevin Petrovsky: “We do everything from scratch, which is very unusual for large commercial bakeries, and then everything is hand-decorated, so nothing is mechanized here.”

It may be a new take on an old favorite, but these four layers of fabulousness will have you saying “more, please.”

We Take The Cake customer: “You can’t find it anywhere else. It’s delicious. It’s my favorite thing.”

Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor has been helping people build their own version of strawberry shortcake for a long time.

Linda Zakheim: “Yes, we’ve been doing it for actually 66 years.”

It happens to be the Towering Short Cake Sundae.

Linda Zakheim: “It’s one of our top five sundaes, I would say for sure. Everyone loves strawberries.”

This big boy starts with two pieces of pound cake. Next, three scoops of homemade strawberry ice cream. Finally, it’s crowned with strawberry topping, whipped cream, a cherry and, of course, an American flag.

Linda Zakheim: “‘Cause everybody loves fresh fruit, and strawberries is a winner.”

Angela Long: “Delicious, the pound cake is super. The home-made ice cream with the chunks of strawberry is like right on point.”


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We Take The Cake
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Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor & Restaurant
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