Stars of ‘The Resident’ tell Deco what the winter premiere has in store

Heart attacks and appendectomies make for an average day for most doctors. At Chastain Hospital, they ramp up the drama with break ups, screw ups, and cover ups! Tonight, the most anticipated winter premiere of the year is here, and stars of “The Resident” tell all.

“The Resident” is back, and we’ve got 20cc of drama at Chastain Hospital!

Doctor Cain is on call, and Morris Chestnut said there’s tons of love-triangle drama on the way for his character.

Morris Chestnut: “He’s pursuing someone. He’s pursuing a love interest, and he’s battling with Raptor for the love interest, so that’s going to happen.”

Dr. Cain will also keep butting heads with Jane Leeves’ Dr. Voss, and these actors love it!

Jane Leeves: “The best bad guys are always played by the nicest guys on the planet. I genuinely, you know, you think of Alan Rickman in “Die Hard.” He was genius, and he was the loveliest man you could ever meet, so I think that good people are so in touch with humanity that they know how to tap into something.”

Morris Chestnut: “Interesting. That’s interesting.”

Jane Leeves: “But I love sparring with Morris. I just love it.”

Morris Chestnut: “I absolutely love it. I love coming to set and working with her, and she’s giving me the look, and she’s giving me all that tension.”

In addition to enjoying the work on set, Leeves and Chestnut said the material has taught them a lot about the medical world.

Jane Leeves: “Last season on ‘The Resident,’ they did the device company story, and I learned so much about that. Go with the tried and trusted brand, you know, drugs, everything. There’s so much money wrapped up in medicine, and it’s just not quite right, you know, so always get a second opinion.”

Morris Chestnut: “Yeah, I agree with that one million percent. Always get a second opinion, and I really didn’t think that before l did this show, but always get, I agree with her, yeah.”

The doctors of Chastain Hospital are ready to scrub in. The winter premiere is coming up right after Deco.

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