The hit FOX show “Star” is wrapping up its first season tonight! So you can expect a lot of drama! And a lot of singing, dancing and diva-ness.

Deco sat down with the trio who star in “Star” to get a little pre-finale scoop.

Cast singing: “So don’t look, don’t look no further you got it.”

It’s all going down on “Star” tonight.

Chad James Buchanan (as Hunter Morgan): “You clawed your way to fit into my world.”

Jude Demorest (Star Davis): “I could have clawed my way into much better than your world.”

The first season of the show — about three young singers trying to make it in the music industry — is celebrating its season finale.

And a lot of burning questions will be answered..

Jude Demorest: “You can expect to find out who killed Otis.”

And if the trio actually wins their singing competition.

Jude Demorest (singing): “You talk a good game.”

In the meantime, the actresses are so busy it’s hard to keep focus. But, they say it’s all worth it.

Jude Demorest: “I think the only reason we’ve been able to do it, is because we have each other. And that sounded so terrible, but it’s true.”

The trio loved getting their big break on “Star,” but it was the fun they had while shooting the hit show that’ll always stay with them.

Brittany O’Grady: “We just have a great time together.”

Ryan Destiny: “Even when we are sad we laugh.”

Brittany O’Grady: “I’m just trying to keep a straight face thinking of all the memories that we have.”

The cast celebrating the show’s finale with a red carpet in Los Angeles and a performance!

Ryan Destiny: “This is the first time that we get to perform in front of people who watch our show.”

Actor, Quincy Brown, who also stars on the show, says “Star’s” success isn’t just a fluke…

Quincy Brown: “It takes a lot of time, you know a lot of hard work goes into, but just like a lot of, lot of hardwork.”

Cast (singing): “And as far as what I’m bringing to the table, I bring me. Get mine, bout mine, go hard, looking for another like me, what’s up, I bring me!”

You can catch the season finale of “Star” tonight at 9 p.m., after “Lethal Weapon’s” season finale, which is coming up right after Deco, here on 7.

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