A good song can rock your world, but when music has a message, it can be incredibly powerful. Alex Miranda caught up with a singer who’s delivering the goods.

Now, we love to support our local artists, as long as they don’t go all Hollywood and forget who we are when they make it big!

But, we don’t think Shanna Lee would do that to Deco. We sat down with the SoFlo songstress to find out what was in her heart.

Shanna Lee’s latest single is a big, bad rocker called “Heart.”

Shanna Lee (singing): “Got a new religion, gonna paint the town.”

This isn’t just another song for Shanna.

She’s all in and totally committed to it.

Shanna Lee: “This song is a very major song. It’s near and dear to me because it has a big message. It’s a big message of love.”

Lee feels the tune couldn’t be more timely.

It’s her version of “The Golden Rule.”

Shanna Lee: “Music has kinda gotten away from encouraging people on how they should be towards one another.”

“Heart” shines a light on current race relations.

Shanna Lee: “I’m pretty explicit when I’m expressing my thoughts, so I think it’s normal for me.”

She doesn’t hold back when it’s time to get sexy, either, like she does in her video for “9-1-1.”

Shanna Lee (singing): “Baby can you hear me? I’m calling out for your body.”

Lee won’t let herself get pigeon-holed into just one musical style.

Shanna Lee: “I’m not really a one-genre type of artist. I don’t feel like I’m in a box like I have to produce a certain genre of music.”

The Hollywood home girl has a message of love for all the local fans who’ve been there for her.

Shanna Lee: “I’m grateful for them supporting me, propelling me, coming out to my events, purchasing my music. I just have an attitude of gratitude.”

You can find Shanna’s music on Spotify and Apple Music.

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