When you’re a big name on the South Florida music scene, you’ve got to do right by your fans. For instance, if you’re dropping a new song this weekend, you’re going to want to have a release party where everybody can kick it.

After all, that would be the “Honorebel” thing to do.

Honorebel was hanging and banging with Deco at the Flamingo Room in Fort Lauderdale. He knew exactly why we were there.

Honorebel: “We’re talking about the new release of ‘On Top Of The World.’ That’s my new single, my new video and also the big release party.”

We’ll get to the party in a minute. Let’s hear more about the song first.

Honorebel: “‘On Top Of The World’ is a very happy type of song for everybody, mainly for the ladies, yes.”

He’s not shy to admit he’s a big fan of his creation.

Honorebel : “And the chorus is so melodic and catchy, so once you play it, it catch you right there.”

“On Top Of The World” is a perfect representation of where Honorebel’s head is at these days.

Honorebel: “I’m looking out the type of content I want to put out there in the atmosphere, because we have such a toxic environment now in the world.”

The song is meant to lift you up. If it does, his work is a success.

Honorebel: “Feel-good music, happy music, can actually raise the frequency of a lot of people and keep them on that high note there, so that’s why I choose to really sink my teeth deep into ‘On Top Of The World.'”

He’s still as jazzed as ever to be an active member of the SoFlo music scene.

Honorebel: “So I feel like South Florida is always the originator of different genres of music, because there’s so many nationalities of people that reside here, and I’m glad I’m a part of it.”

Now, about that party at the Flamingo Room Saturday, Honorebel will be performing “On Top Of The World,” plus more tunes. It will be plenty of fun.

Honorebel: “Well, everybody have to be here on Saturday the 27th of May, because I’m here. Why not?”

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