SoBe WFF’s annual Burger Bash brings out unique burgers for judges, attendees

Friends and strangers are gathering tonight to celebrate wine and food, specifically burgers. The South Beach Wine and Food Festival’s annual Burger Bash is going down on South Beach. That’s where Deco’s ground beef expert, Alex Miranda, is live.

I am in a food coma right now. I am five burgers deep! I’m not even kidding you.

The judges are already working on picking which is the best burger to hit South Florida this year. The people here are also choosing their People’s Choice Award as well.

I want to show you what’s coming up, but first, let’s take a look at this burger. This is 70% beef, then 20% bone marrow and 10% butter.

Burger lovers unite!

Greg Schesser, Vice Burger: “Very hot, very juicy, very cheesy, everything you want in a cheeseburger, right?”

Burger Bash is back.

Event attendee: “There’s a lot of burgers that I never thought existed!”

One of a smorgasbord of mouth-watering, star-studded SoBe Wine and Food Festival events taking place on Miami Beach through Sunday.

Event attendee: “Just getting to try a bunch of different food that maybe you don’t get to try from all over the country.”

Sounds good, right? But this event isn’t just an all-you-can-eat affair. Every guest will be able to voice their opinion, too, once they put their burgers down, of course, on the best patty and buns to hit South Florida.

David Foulquier: “We saw a lot of fritas. I’ve seen a lot of over the top, fried guava.”

This year, there are 32 chefs or restaurants competing.

David Foulquier: “We’re adding a little foie gras to the mix this year, so we’re searing the foie gras into the bun, and we have a little truffle aioli with David fig jam mixed into it.”

Last year’s People’s Choice Award, announced by Neil Patrick Harris, went to a local favorite.

Neil Patrick Harris: “The winner is from Miami, Florida. It’s Pincho!”

Pincho also won in 2015, and you bet they’re back in 2020 to defend their title.

Adrian Sanchez, Pincho: “We’re doing a maduro bacon jam this year, so we’re hoping that giving a little bit of Miami flavor brings it home again.”

I’m getting pretty full at this point. Lots of food here, but, you know, I’m working hard. I’m still eating.

We’re going to find out who wins all of those awards later tonight.

Rachel Ray, a Food Network star, is hosting this event.

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