There’s a hot new fitness trend that’s bouncing into SoFlo.

You might even say it can lift your workout routine up… to new heights! And it’ll fly… OK, I’ll stop.

But I can’t stop, won’t stop after trying bungee fitness for the first time! Drinking game alert: Take a shot every time we say “fun” in this story.

When you think of a bungee, you’re probably picturing…

Jumanji junket: “Ahhh!!!”

But at Sky Arts Studio in Sweetwater, it’s more like…

Alex Miranda: “Hi! Haha”

Because with Bungee Fitness…

Adriana Alvarez: “You burn 500 calories in a class. But you’re still having fun. You’re jumping. You’re laughing.”

You can bounce back to pre-pandemic shape!

Adriana Alvarez: “Burpees, you’re doing squats…”

With certified instructors.

Rodrigo Maurovich: “We’re going to do a little bit of warm up. We’re going to leap. We’re going to jump. We’re going to fly. But we’re going to have a lot of fun.”

First things first, you gotta buckle in.

Alex Miranda: “Rodrigo wants me to put a harness on. I’m down for that.”

And, don’t do this.

Alex Miranda: “This is fun! [falls] Oh, haha!”

But brace yourself, because the next hour…

Rodrigo Maurovich: “One more time!”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, my gosh…This is so much fun!”

…isn’t all fun and games.

Rodrigo Maurovich: “At headstand. Back. Two, three. Jump. Come back. And we do it again, and again, and again 10 times.

Alex Miranda: “Really?”

This is a full-body…

Alex Miranda: “Just jump! And the bungee catches you every time.”


Rodrigo Maurovich: “What we’re going to do now is the car crawl. We’re going to be on our knees. We’re going to crawl. And then the bungee is going to push us back.”


Rodrigo Maurovich: “We crawl… and come back!”

Alex Miranda: “haha”

We’re talking cardio and strength.

Alex Miranda: “OK, how many?”

Rodrigo Maurovich: “Fifty.”

Alex Miranda: “Fifty?!”

Rodrigo Maurovich: “…Eight, nine, ten!”

Especially when you start to get the hang of it, like I did with these headstand pushups.

Alex Miranda: “28, 29… OK.”

Before letting it get to my head.

Alex Miranda: “Three, two, one!”

Choose from five monthly package options starting at $79.

Alex Miranda: “This is the best part of the workout. Ugh.”

But the first class is always free!

Valentina Agosti, guest: “It totally feels like you’re playing around. Your inner kid comes out, and you’re just bouncing and having a great time.”


Sky Arts Studio
10887 NW 17th St., Unit 106
Doral, FL 33172

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