A washed up male model, an anti-hero in a red suit and a “high-larious” baker. But we start this week’s Showtime with the single ladies.

Giving a boost to lonely hearts this Valentine’s Day is: “How to Be Single.” Dakota Johnson has to learn the ins and outs of dating after breaking up with her longtime college boyfriend. Lending a helping hand is her BFF played by Rebel Wilson.

Rebel Wilson: “Nowadays, I feel like it’s an advantage to be single. You can go harder in your career, you can do more of what you want to do and yeah, if the right person comes along, you’ll take that opportunity and if they don’t, you’re like, ‘Who cares?'”

In “Deadpool,” Ryan Reynolds is a former special forces operative who after a rogue experiment, is left with accelerated healing powers– oh, and a face that looks like this.

He takes on the alter ego of “Deadpool,” a wisecracking, R-rated superhero. We had the chance to chat with Deadpool– not Ryan Reynolds. Deco talked with Deadpool about the fame he’ll have after this movie comes out.

Deadpool: “I’m not gonna lie, I got the acting bug… right up my bum. I’m going to remake all of Ryan Reynolds’ movies with only one slight adjustment– making them good.”

In “Dough,” a new employee adds a secret, a legally-questionable ingredient to a struggling baker’s recipe. Lines go around the block, and the star, Jerome Holder, told Deco you never know what motivates someone to make certain decisions.

Jerome Holder: “He begins to sell cannabis just to make ends meet because family means a lot to him. Him and his mom aren’t really doing that well.”

Blue steel is back! Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson return as Zoolander and Hansel. They’ve gone into seclusion while the fashion world moved forward. Ben told Deco, he graciously stepped up to bring back the icon.

Ben Stiller: “He’s really not a very good actor, so it was explaining this is a chance for him to really have another shot.”

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