We need some space. How about some space voyagers, cosmonauts and superheroes? This week’s Showtime is out of this world. Here’s a look at all the new releases.

Tye Sheridan (as Christopher): “They’re drugging us.”

Colin Farrell (as Richard): “To prevent exactly this kind of thing from happening.”

What a trip. “Voyagers” is about a crew of young adults on a mission to populate a new planet and save the human race.

But when they realize the drug they’re taking makes them emotionless, they ditch the meds, and things turn into “Lord of the Flies” in space.

Tye Sheridan: “They start to rebel, or some of them do, at least, and so, I think that’s really where the movie starts to go off the rails.”

Mari Monge (as Belka, voice): “We’ve got serious problems!”

Mauriett Chayeb (as Strelka, voice): “Sure. When there’s a problem, it’s always ‘we.'”

Belka and Strelka are back. In “Space Dogs: Tropical Adventure,” the Russian cosmonaut dogs have a new mission: save the planet.

In the final movie of the “Space Dogs” trilogy, the pups come home to figure out what’s draining the Atlantic Ocean.

Octavia Spencer (as Emily Stanton): “I’ve been developing a genetic platform that will allow us to give ordinary people super powers. But do me a favor, please. Don’t touch anything.”

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are powering up and saving the day in Netflix’s new superhero comedy movie, “Thunder Force.”

The two play estranged best friends who end up becoming a crime-fighting team. One of them can turn invisible, and the other has super strength.

Melissa McCarthy: “Getting to be bionically strong is pretty fun, because you just start to think of, you’re like, ‘Well, if I accidentally punch someone, like it’s not gonna just hurt them. They’re going to go across the room.'”

Octavia Spencer: “I think the person who was supposed to get the super strength got the super strength. But please don’t tell her I said that, because then it becomes a thing.”

Octavia Spencer (as Emily Stanton): “It’s go time.”

Melissa McCarthy (as Lydia Berman): “Oh, God. We gotta rethink this car.”

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