Other movies start streaming this weekend! There’s an evil blast from the past and a young sleuth, but we begin with a sick sibling rivalry in this week’s Showtime.

Madison Iseman (as Vivian): “It’s a big opportunity.”

Sydney Sweeney (as Juliet): “I have to beat her.”

“Nocturne” isn’t so much about sibling rivalry, per se. It’s more about eliminating the competition.

When fraternal twin sisters pursue the same career in music, things take a dark turn when one excels faster than the other, and when a starring role in a senior concert opens up, things really get creepy competitive.

Madison Iseman: “Somewhere along the way, Vi just sort of started to stick out and become maybe the better pianist, and this kind of girl who got everything she wanted. She got the teacher, she got the boyfriend and she got all the opportunities.”

Sarita Choudhury (as Usha): “Leave before it’s too late!”

Sunita Mani (as Pallavi): “Mom, you sound like you believe what you’re saying.”

Omar Maskati (as Sandeep): “Let us help you, for your own good.”

Mother knows best, especially when it comes to her daughter’s new relationship.

In Amazon’s “Evil Eye,” mom gets suspicious of her daughter’s seemingly perfect boyfriend.

His controlling ways remind her of her own traumatic past.

Sarita Chaoudhury: “We had to be very careful because also there’s times to each year, the topic gets more refined in discussion, and so we wanted to be topical and real.”

Sophie Nélisse (as Caroline): “Somebody murdered my boyfriend.”

Adam Brody (as Abe Applebaum): “Seriously?”

Sophie Nélisse (as Caroline): “Pretty seriously, he was stabbed 17 times.”

Adam Brody is on the case in “The Kid Detective.”

The actor plays Abe, a former child prodigy super sleuth who’s now washed-up and struggling until he gets a murder case that could change everything.

Adam tells Deco one of his favorite parts of shooting the movie was using a ton of old-school detective lingo.

Adam Brody: “He has a very vintage throwback language, and there’s a naïveté to every character. There’s a lot of fun with that, and I love the language.”

Adam Brody (as Abe Applebaum): “Somebody is testing me.”

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