(WSVN) - “Suicide Squad” joins four new movies trying to get fans in the seats. That includes an off-key Meryl Streep, a dragon, and talking food. Here’s this week’s “Showtime.”

Greg Tiernan (as Potato): “She’s peelin’ me skin.”

Fun-loving food learns the truth in “Sausage Party.” This animated, very adult movie follows naive food home from the store, who only then realize what fate awaits them.

Seth Rogen: “It’s really not for kids. I know there’s a lot of parents, and I’ve met them, who are like, ‘Oh, my kid can take it.’ Your kid can’t take it.”

Oakes Fegley (as Pete): “Shh.”

Oona Laurence (as Natalie): “That’s a dragon!”

That’s not just any dragon, that’s Pete’s dragon, and his name is Elliot! Disney has taken their 1977 film and revamped it for a new generation. It stars Bryce Dallas Howard, who tells Deco she’s always loved this classic story.

Bryce Dallas Howard: “I think that, for me, this movie represents that magic is possible, that anything is possible.”

Hugh Grant (as St. Clair Bayfield): “She’s remarkable, isn’t she?”

Simon Helberg (as Cosme McMoon): “She can be a little flat.”

Hugh Grant (as St. Clair Bayfield): “Flat?”

Simon Helberg (as Cosme McMoon): “It defies medical science.”

Meryl Streep hits a high note in “Florence Foster Jenkins.”

A socialite pursues her passion for music, even though she’s a little off-key.

And Meryl says, if you wanna be bad, first you gotta be good.

Meryl Streep: “And I tried to sing them as well as I possibly could, first. And then we went off.”

They’re on a mission in “Anthropoid.”

Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy play two Czech soldiers sent to kill Nazi officer Reinhard Heydrich for his crimes.

The actors says filming in Prague was great, but nailing the Czech accent was a bit unnerving.

Cillian Murphy: “Yeah, we were quite nervous about it. But I think the Czech people have seen the movie, and the Czech people are OK with it. And we got away with it, just about.”

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