Let’s be honest — “Avengers: Infinity War” is going to kill it again at the box office this weekend. But there’s a couple movies where moms are the heroes, just in time for Mother’s Day. Here’s a look in this week’s Showtime.

Melissa McCarthy (as Deanna Miles): “That’s why somebody’s mom just enrolled in college. I’m referring to myself.”

Melissa McCarthy (as Deanna Miles): “I’ll see you around the quad.”

Molly Gordon (as Maddie Miles): “Nobody says that, mom.”

Melissa McCarthy (as Deanna Miles): “Well, I’ll bring it back.”

Melissa McCarthy is getting her learn on!

In “Life of the Party,” she plays a middle-aged mom who just went through an unexpected divorce.

So, she decides to join her daughter on campus.

She says it’s all about realizing it’s never too late to learn about yourself.

Melissa McCarthy: “It kind of all gets shaken up and she wasn’t unhappy in her life, but now realizes she can and it’s OK to want something else and want a little more.”

Molly Gordon (as Maddie Miles): “What are you, 20?

Melissa McCarthy (as Deanna Miles): “No, I’m 21!”

Molly Gordon (as Maddie Miles): “OK.”

Gabrielle Union (as Shaun Russell): “I will do anything to protect my kids.”

Billy Burke (as Eddie): “Do exactly what I say or your kids will not survive this night. You understand?”

Gabrielle Union is a mom on a mission in “Breaking In.”

After her dad passes away, she takes her kids to clean out the house.

But quickly realizes he was hiding a valuable secret worth killing over, and the odds of surviving are slim.

Gabrielle Union: “What I like most about the odds of this film: one woman versus four men. What I like about it is that’s life.”

Gabrielle Union (as Shaun Russell): “I’m just a mom. You have no clue what I’m capable of.”

“Breaking In” and “Life of the Party” will both be out in theaters on May 11.

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