(WSVN) - New in theaters this weekend: A pair of rambunctious brothers look for respectable dates, and your cellphone is used against you! But we begin with our furry friends, and their funny little secrets.

Human: “Here you go…”

While the human’s away the cat — and all the other pets — will play!

“The Secret Life of Pets” gives us an idea of what our beloved companions do all day while we slave away at work to put food in their bowl.

Kathryn Hahn (as Harper): “I’m so happy that our family is together. It’s all local and organic.”

Shree Crooks (as Zaja): “How did you kill those chickens? With an axe or a knife?”

Kathryn Hahn (as Harper): “It’s rotisserie chicken. So you buy it, it’s already dead.”

The kids weren’t raised by wolves, just near them. In “Captain Fantastic,” Viggo Mortensen plays a dad raising his kids in nature, and after he loses his wife, his city-dwelling family threatens to make him lose his kids, too.

Woman: “It’s terrorists, right? It’s gotta be terrorists.”

John Cusack (as Clay Riddell): “Don’t use your cellphone!”

In “Cell,” a movie from the terrifying mind of Stephen King, our phones control us, and turn us against each other.

Oh, and when the theater warns you to turn off your cellphone at the start of the movie, we suggest you listen!

Wendy Williams (as herself): “I’m here with Mike and Dave Stangle. They are looking for dates for their sister’s wedding in Hawaii.”

Aubrey Plaza (as Tatiana): “Let’s make these guys take us to Hawaii.”

Zac Efron (as Dave Stangle): “We’re looking for nice girls.”

In “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates,” two brothers have to be on their best behavior for their sister’s wedding and do the logical thing: make the situation go viral.

Zac Efron and Adam Devine play the bad boys gone good, and really bonded while shooting the movie.

Zac Efron: “We all went, ‘Yes! We can still make the movie!'”

Adam Devine: “I knew that’s what it was all about.”

Zac Efron: “That’s when we became brothers officially.”

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