Shireen’s Favorite Things

A State of Grace

Once upon a time, when glamour still reigned supreme and reality television and Kim Kardashian’s large derriere weren’t the center of pop culture, a glamorousRead More

The Graduated Gladiator

I fell head over heels in love with all things Roman esque back in 2000, when Russell Crowe breathed life into the rugged, rough-around-the edgesRead More

Kool Kicks

Okay, ladies…it’s time to blow the whistle and cry “foul” on your high-heel sneaker wedges; even your throwback Chuck Taylor’s need a time-out, too. IRead More

The Elegant Espadrille

I have this recurring fantasy that I’m driving up the Pacific Coast Highway in California, trying to make it to Santa Barbara before the sunRead More

Get A Piece Of The Rock

I first discovered jewelry designer Josette Redwolf on social media a few years ago. I found her pieces beyond intriguing; not to mention the factRead More