Life is Beautiful

A day of shopping and playing dress-up at the beautiful bohemian lifestyle boutique, “Polished Coconut,” where I was reminded that “Life is Beautiful” even when it doesn’t feel that way.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m losing my mind and I don’t say that lightly.

With the confusing state of our government, the aggressive nature of living in a big city and how, last Wednesday night, my entire world was almost ripped apart after 3 aggressive UNLEASHED Rottweilers attacked my loving boyfriend, James and sweet dog, Rigby.

It was 24 hours of pure terror and chaos. There was blood everywhere, I was hysterical (which is not good in an emergency situation) and I felt very much alone…

Making my way to the ER, getting to the doggie hospital, coping with their injuries and figuring out the best line of treatment for both James and Rigby.

I’m good at being a sick person (most of you know my fight with GBS) but trauma like this, it’s different. It’s raw, frightening and rips you apart in an instant.

After the initial attack, there’s the aftermath: the medicine, the bandages, the emotional wounds and then there’s that “thing” waiting on you. It’s lingering in the back of your mind, but you can’t seem to wrap your head around it — normal, everyday life.

Work was waiting for me. The blog was waiting for me. Television doesn’t stop, social media doesn’t stop and the internet doesn’t stop. Yet sometimes, you HAVE to stop because life gives you NO OTHER CHOICE.

Even though I wasn’t the one attacked, even though it wasn’t my flesh ripped apart, my body thrashed about; it felt that way. I knew I had to get myself together.

After a few days, despite feeling liking a zombie, there I was, getting my hair and make-up done for work, making sure my life – our life – wasn’t in jeopardy of really going off the deep end.

I showed up at Polished Coconut in Coconut Grove on time and ready for the day. That’s when “Life is Beautiful” happened…

When you walk into the boutique, it’s this intoxicating mix of earthy glamour and decadent designs. Every corner is curated with something undeniably eye-catching and different, but that’s not what makes it beautiful…

It’s Alicia Kossick, the store’s owner, who’s taken her love of fashion and turned it into a socially responsible lifestyle brand.

She doesn’t just go around the world shopping to bring you the unique and unusual; she works with about 200 artisans, who all happen to be WOMEN. And…

Those artisans don’t just handcraft clothing, jewelry and home accessories to preserve their culture, they’re helping sustain a viable local economy, allowing South Floridians to shop small and in turn, strengthening our own community (all while supporting women.)

“Polished Coconut” is warm, welcoming and you’ll get lost in discovery, only to be brought back to reality by Scarlett, the store’s official doggie mascot, who is more than happy to accompany you during your eclectic treasure hunt.

During a time when our country seems a bit lost, our city is riddled with crime and less compassion and three Rottweilers can roam unleashed, it’s good to know there are people out there like Alicia, who are consciously making the world a better place by caring, creating jobs and giving back to the community.

Don’t miss Deco Drive tonight at 7:30/11:30pm as we go inside “Polished Coconut” to show you how visually amazing it is; you’ll meet Alicia, too. I’m sure you’ll fall in love just like I did, because “Life is Beautiful” should be everyone’s favorite thing.

P.S. James and Rigby are feeling better. The healing is slow, but we’re all recovering, one day at a time.

Polished Coconut
3444 Main Highway
Coconut Grove 33133

Monday-Saturday: 11am-6pm
Sunday: 12-5pm

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IG: @PolishedCoconut
FB: @PolishedCoconut
Twitter: @PolishedCoconut

“A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink. “ — Gina Carey

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James Woodley Photography
Jewelry, Clothing & Styling: Polished Coconut
Blue pom-pom heels by #BCBGSouthBeach, wrap gladiator sandal by #ViaCapri34 and sparkly sneakers by #PolishedCoconut
Hair & Make-up: Odett Hernandez
Digital Editor: Jessie Neft-Swinger
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