It’s a chef’s job to turn out great food on a nightly basis, but that’s not enough for one guy. Deco’s kitchen commando, Alex Miranda, has something cooking that will please your taste buds and your ears.

Music and food go together like, well, like music and food.

It’s rare when the same person serves up both for a great dining experience, but there’s an Italian restaurant in Fort Lauderdale where the king of the kitchen sings for your supper.

This isn’t some early New Year’s Eve celebration in Italy.

It’s a typical weekend night at Dal Contadino Trattoria when Chef Nuccio Giannino leaves his pots and pans behind and serenades the crowd.

Everybody who frequents Dal Contadino Trattoria has a song in their heart.

That’s exactly what Chef Giannino had in mind.

Chef Nuccio Giannino, Dal Contadino Trattoria: “Dal Contadino, if it was in Italy, I say it’s the local restaurant for the neighbors. It’s like where you go, you meet friends.”

Chef’s got a unique sense of style. Check out his beard.

He got his start entertaining customers back in the “old country.” When a singer didn’t show up for a gig, he stepped in.

Nuccio Giannino: “I promised my customers the singer, and I didn’t know how to do. I just get up to the microphone, and I show my songs, and the people, they fall in love right away.”

Customer: “Great entertainment and Nuccio has the best voice.”

Chef Giannino is more than happy to share the spotlight with any talented friend who drops by.

The chef showcases his other talents when he’s turning out his ultimate creation, My Dream.

Nuccio Giannino: “It’s a mix of seafood pasta, mushrooms. It’s a little bit of everything.”

There are other crowd-pleasers, like roasted artichokes in cream truffle sauce, truffle-stuffed gnocchi, zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta cheeses in Gorgonzola sauce and the house specialty, slow-cooked short ribs.

Nuccio Giannino: “In South Italy, there is still a traditional food and is really simple food, cooking everything from scratch. It’s like you cook home but in large quantity.”

Whether he’s cooking or crooning, Chef Giannino is a happy man.

Nuccio Giannino: “I love to sing. I love to cook, and what I’m doing, I’m enjoying my job.”

Enjoyment is what it’s all about, for food and music lovers, at Dal Contadino Trattoria.

Alyssa, customer: “It’s so authentic, and everything’s homemade, which we love, and our favorite part of the night is when Chef Nuccio gets up and sings.”

Let’s get back to chef half-beard for a moment.

He says he only shaves that way when he does something important and wants people to remember him.

Success, chef. We’ll never forget it.


Dal Contadino Trattoria
2775 E. Oakland Park Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306

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