See the most Insta-worthy Wynwood murals on wheels with Cycle Party

It’s a rite of passage in Miami: walking around Wynwood taking pictures of the walls. Now you don’t have to walk; you can pedal. Deco’s taking you on a ride with the Cycle Party.

The murals and graffiti art in Wynwood have become world famous, but you don’t have to walk from wall to wall. Now you can join the party!

Simon Fernandez, co-owner: “Cycle Party is a 15-person, pedal-powered quadracycle. We just got into Wynwood this past year. We we’re spreading our wings a little bit.”

Cycle Party started in Fort Lauderdale doing bar crawls.

Now they’re helping art fans see the sights with the Wynwood InstaTour.

Simon Fernandez: “What we’re doing today is our new tour. It’s our InstaTour, where we go to our most Insta-worthy murals around Wynwood.”

As you cruise from wall to wall, a Cycle Party driver handles the steering and the brakes.

It’s up to you to provide the pedal power.

And when you hear the bell, it’s time to get those legs pumping.

Simon Fernandez: “The bell, that’s my signal to pedal or to cheer.”

Customer 1: “This is awesome. We had a great time taking photos.”

Customer 2: “Seen a lot of people staring at us and waving, which I always like, and I always wave back.”

If you don’t feel like exerting yourself, don’t worry. There’s a seat for you, too.

Simon Fernandez: “The bench in the back, that’s usually for the people who tired their legs out or the ones who don’t want to put in any effort.”

The InstaTour starts at $29.

The workout is free!

Customer 3: “Its super fun. Great way to see the city and get a little exercise.”


Cycle Party’s Wynwood InstaTour

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