Ryan Seacrest was stuck in an elevator

Friday morning, Ryan Seacrest did what any responsible New Year’s Eve host would do: He went up to visit the big ball — or at least he tried. Turns out his ride up took a little longer than expected.

It’s iconic. Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve with Ryan Seacrest counts down as the ball drops on Times Square. But they ran into some technical difficulties on Friday morning with their host.

Ryan Seacrest: “Hi from underneath the ball in Times Square. We’re stuck in the elevator, everybody!”

Seacrest spent 40 minutes trapped in an elevator while on his way to do an interview with “Good Morning America.”

Good Morning America reporter: “But it’s not going so great for Ryan Seacrest, who is supposed to be standing right here right now, but he’s stuck in the elevator!”

Good Morning America anchor: “No!”

Good Morning America anchor: “Oh, my gosh!”

Of course, Ryan shared the whole ordeal on Instagram.

Ryan Seacrest: “Ring the alarm, ring the alarm again. Help! Help!”

Seacrest and everyone else he was crammed in the elevator with took it all in stride and remained in good spirits. The whole ordeal came to an end when the doors were pried open by the New York City Fire Department.

Seacrest showed his appreciation for the men and women that made sure he wouldn’t be spending New Year’s Eve trapped inside an elevator.

Ryan Seacrest: “Happy New Year. Thank you.”

Firefighter: “Happy New Year.”

Seacrest and his crew then boarded a different elevator to finally get where they were going.

Ryan Seacrest: “And the doors are shutting. Will it move? Yes, we’re on the move, all right!”

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