Rolling Loud Miami is returning, and the festival’s official DJ, DJ Five Venoms, is ready to roll. He is turning it up a notch with the release of his very own song titled “Replay.” The song is jammin’ and makes you want to dance all night. Maybe it will be on replay at the festival.

Prepare to get wow’ed by the Loud.

The Rolling Loud Music Festival is on its way back to SoFlo.

The three-day festival is going to be at Hard Rock Stadium starting July 23, but Rolling Loud’s host DJ Five Venoms is already in hype mode and told us all about it at Kanopy in Sunny Isles.

DJ Five Venoms: “What I am expecting from Rolling Loud? The biggest Rolling Loud ever. All your favorite artists, the crowd is going to be insane. They haven’t seen each other in two years, so it’s going to be so lit.”

While last year’s Loud was silenced by the pandemic, DJ Five Venoms used the time to focus on his own tunes.

DJ Five Venoms: “I’m super excited about my new release, ‘Replay,’ with Cliff Savage and Moe. What I love about the song is that it’s a club banger. I love DJing the club, so having a song of my own to play is really dope.”

As for Rolling Loud, DJ Five Venoms wants you to set the bar high.

DJ Five Venoms: “It’s going to be the best festival in the world.”

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