Ritz-Carlton Fort Lauderdale lets guests eat inside giant gingerbread house

When it comes to celebrating the holidays in South Florida, we like to do things bigger and better. One resort in Fort Lauderdale has created a holiday experience that is big enough for royalty, but made for locals and guests.

The Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale is a sweet place to celebrate the holidays.

Paula DaSilva, chef de cuisine: “Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale we’re located right in the heart of the beach. We have a beautiful restaurant, Burlock Coast.”

This season, check out what’s next to the check-in desk.

Carlos Salazar, pastry chef: “We prepared a huge, life-size gingerbread house. The idea is that people come into the lobby and see this enormous house and later one when they come in, they can see that they can actually eat inside the house.”

The 16×12 foot gingerbread house inspired by a sandcastle has a drawbridge and window decorations made out of chocolate.

Paula DaSilva: “All of the outside is edible. Every single thing. Over 3,000 bricks on this house is edible gingerbread bricks.”

Even though it’s edible, you may want to rethink taking a taste.

Paula DaSilva: “I don’t know what you are licking and how many hands have been on that.”

Although eating the outside of the house isn’t a good idea, you are allowed to eat inside.

Paula DaSilva: “We are offering a dinner experience, a lunch experience or breakfast experience.”

For $999, Burlock Coast inside the hotel will whip up some goodies for you and up to seven friends to enjoy.

Paula DaSilva: “The dinner experience is going to start with welcome cocktails.”

Dinner is family style. Sit down to a seafood tower, beef tenderloin and some of Burlock Coast’s specialties.

Paula DaSilva: “We are going to do a nice creamy lobster pasta with pappardelle we make in-house with spinach, nice warm winter Christmas dish.”

There’s even dessert.

Christina Torrey, customer: “It’s a very intimate. You get this cozy area and you look around and you have a fireplace and a little tree. They really bring it all in for you for the full experience.”

The gingerbread house will be up and open for guests until Dec. 23.


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