Sorry "Arby’s," it looks like someone else has the meats, and maybe more than you can eat(s).

No one is asking, "Where’s the beef?" at Quality Meats on South Beach.

Patrick Rebholz: "We do a lot of those large platform cuts and it kind of really brings community, not only to the restaurant, but also to the table. Which we love."

Quality Meats is known not only for its high standards, but for its unique cuts of beef.

Patrick Rebholz: "We take our traditional steak house fair and we kind of modernize it. Whether we put a smoke spin on it or make it a large cut."

By unique, we mean giant. Just check out the their 64-ounce double rib eye.

Patrick Rebholz: "It’s a 4-pound large platform steak. It’s cut off of a rib eye."

Yes, there have been some people that have polished off an entire steak. But really, this double cut serves two.

Patrick Rebholz: "Its a super special cut from our butchers up in New York. It’s cut off a 103, which is an extra long bone, so it’s a very dramatic presentation."

The rib eye gets seasoned and then goes into a really hot broiler. With a portion that thick, it takes at least 45 minutes to cook, but it’s worth the wait.

Patrick Rebholz: "It’s brought to you after it’s broiled in a char broiler. Then, it’s carved table side and presented with our signature steak sauce."

And that steak sauce is prepared in front of your drooling mouth.

Patrick Rebholz: "Our sauce is made and presented tableside by our wait staff. It’s kind of our signature thing."

In case you’re still hungry, the 64-ounce steak comes with thick cut onion rings and an onion-ranch dressing. Or, you can go for the crispy potatoes or the broccoli topped with Cheetos.

Patrick Rebholz: "What we do in the kitchen in all of our restaurants is try to have as much fun as possible, and I think this dish really brings it true."

Just remember the steak serves two, and we are always hungry.

Quality Meats
1501 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 340-3333

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