Keeping up with new trends in Miami is a tough job, but that’s Deco’s job. You may be familiar with crudos, ceviches and tartars, but there’s another style of eating raw seafood– and it’s getting pretty popular.

Dear Hawaii, "mahalo" for all the poke.

Chef Dustin Ward, New Nosh: "Poke is basically the Hawaiian version of ceviche. It originated in Hawaii and it consists of raw fish being mixed with other spices and herbs."

Ceviche is so last year. Instead, try some Hawaiian fish salads at BLT Prime inside the Trump National in Doral.

Dustin Ward: "We’re taking classical dishes from our chef in Hawaii at our sister restaurant, BLT."

They’re making April "Poke Month."

This week, it’s tuna’s time to shine and to be mixed with goodies.

Dustin Ward: "Little bit of sesame oil, so that adds a little bit of the nut flavor to it."

Some sesame seeds, red onions, scallions, and soy sauce…

Dustin Ward: "And of course, my favorite I like to use is a little bit of Sriracha. And we like to serve it with a little bit of potato gaufrettes."
Week two of April is dedicated to braised octopus.

Dustin Ward: "We actually braised it in its own liquid."

A little spicy, a little salty… with a special ingredient.

Dustin Ward: "And then what we have here is a little bit of chopped up, shaved garlic, that we mix with a little bit of miso and a bit of soy sauce."

The chef said to eat it with seaweed chips. The poke selection of week three will be your favorite.

Dustin Ward: "On the third week, we’re gonna take best out of the two. We’ll let the customers vote to see which one they prefer more."

And to close out the month…

Dustin Ward: "Being that we’re close to the ocean and everything, and being into the Miami area, we actually made it so it’s more a ceviche-style."

Fresh bay scallops, red bell peppers, jalapeños, tomatoes, red onions, avocado and cilantro. Delicious. Sounds like the 305 to us!

Dustin Ward: "And from here we’re gonna squeeze some fresh lime juice and lemon juice. Then, with the acidity from the lime and lemon juice, it will actually start to cook the scallops itself."

Served with fried wonton chips for some crunch, and lots of "aloha."

BLT Prime
Trump National Doral
4400 NW 87th Street, Miami, FL 33137

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