Poetry, it’s not just something you studied in high school. Now, a new movie about a day in the life of 27 poets living in Los Angeles is making poetry pretty posh! Is that how poetry works? Alex Miranda, a man of many words and questionable actions, is here with more.

The new movie “Summertime” is about poets in L.A. falling in love, experiencing heartbreak and eating cheeseburgers.

And it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before, because nobody in L.A. eats cheeseburgers.

Trailer: “Do you know what I can buy with $15?!”

Well, for one, a movie ticket! And, “Summertime” does hit theaters this Friday.

But the comedy-drama about the lives of 27 Los Angelenos over the course of one summer day is, shall we say, wordy?

Trailer: “I can make chicken alfredo for dinner for around $14.70.”

…In the right way! The intersecting stories about love, heartache, and even cheeseburgers…

Trailer: “Maybe we not even depressed. Maybe we just hungry.”

…are told through spoken word poetry!

Carlos: “It’s a community of artists who are on an eternal pursuit of truth.”

You know, like Amanda Gorman at the inauguration:

Amanda Gorman: “If only we’re brave enough to see it, if only we’re brave enough to be it.”

And executive producer Kelly Marie Tran, who you may know as Disney Princess Raya…

Raya (voiced by Kelly Marie Tran): “Hmm, my sword here says we’re not.”

…ironically says it made her speech-less!

Alex Miranda: “Spoken word hits different. It gets in there.”

Kelly Marie Tran: “Being around this community has absolutely changed me in ways I can’t even describe in words.”

Um, same.

Alex Miranda: “I was crying tears! And I haven’t cried in a film in so long. It was so moving!”

Tyris Winter doesn’t just play a poet…

Trailer: “No, no, no!”

He is one!

Tyris Winter: “This art can be healing. It can be impactful. It can be moving, and it can only do so if you’re honest with yourself, if you’re not hiding behind the barriers that you put up.”

Something Kelly learned at Spoken Word Bootcamp.

Kelly Marie Tran: “Don’t let it stop you. Be afraid; do it anyway.”

…before putting me to the test.

Alex Miranda: “Just jump off my back here. Summertime. On the grind. Deco Drive. I’m gonna thrive. On the streets…”

Alex Miranda: “I don’t know. You pick it up!”

Kelly Marie Tran: “That was amazing!”

Carlos: “Talk about being brave and vulnerable.”

“Summertime” is a movie. That is very groovy.

My excitement, I must display. That it hits theaters this Friday.

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