A new school is opening up in the shadow of the Vegas Strip. Why do we care? ‘Cause those kids are hitting the jackpot, thanks to Miami’s own Pitbull.

The 702 got a taste of the 305. Miami’s own, Pitbull, was at the opening of a new school near Las Vegas, Nevada — the Sports Leadership and Management Academy, also known as SLAM!

Pitbull: “Like they say, ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ And so what we’re doing here at SLAM! is teaching you that there are no boundaries, guys.”

Mr. 305 is the ambassador for the sixth-through-12th-grade schools.

Pitbull: “I want you to understand how powerful this is going to be, not only in the United States of America, but also all around the world.”

SLAM! focuses on career building and puts an emphasis on sports medicine, business, marketing, health and communications.

Pitbull: “We’re making history. This is the second SLAM! school in the United States of America. I want you to own that.”

And, the Nevada SLAM! Academy is the is second of its kind.

Pitbull: “I can’t wait to come back and see what you guys have done, what you guys have accomplished, and how you guys have taken it to the next level.”

Pitbull, whose real name is Armando Christian Perez, opened the first SLAM! school right here in the 305, back in 2013.

Pitbull: “Represent 305, Dade County and every neighborhood from the bottom. I represent SLAM!”

Pitbull and SLAM! took the winning model from Miami’s charter school, and now students in Henderson, Nevada hit the educational jackpot.

Amando Castellon, student: “This school is just like a step to where you want to go. This school just shows you that you could do it.”

Looks like Mr. 305 is using his star power to create star students all across the country. Dale!

Pitbull: “I’m proud of you. Again, thank you. cheers”


SLAM! Academy Nevada
1095 Fielders St.
Henderson, NV 89015
(702) 431-6260

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