‘Pedal-boarding’ with the Hobie Mirage Eclipse

Here in South Florida, it’s water, water everywhere, and whether you’re on a boat, a kayak or a paddleboard, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy it. Now there’s a new invention that combines a board with a popular piece of gym equipment. We’re putting the pedal to the metal with the Hobie Mirage Eclipse.

Walk into any gym and you’re bound to see a StairMaster, a staple since the ’80s. But now you can get a step up — on the water.

Spencer Milligan: “This is the Mirage Eclipse, so it’s a better mousetrap.”

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse has taken the paddle out of paddleboarding. Actually, you could call this “pedal-boarding.”

Spencer Milligan: “That’s probably the best analogy you’re going to get out of it — a StairMaster — so that’s actually your propulsion system. Much like a StairMaster, when you’re moving up and down, you’re going to get the forward momentum.”

Deco stopped by Nautical Ventures in Dania Beach to see the Eclipse in action.

Spencer Milligan: “Ease-wise, you’re not gonna have the ability to do something that’s more natural, so most customers are more accustomed using their legs than your whole upper body in the core movement in the traditional forward paddleboard motion.”

The Eclipse works with a patented drive system that uses two paddles under the board. Step on the pedals, and the board moves forward. Step slow to cruise, or step it up for an intense workout.

Spencer Milligan: “You’re gonna get your cardiovascular system working. You are gonna get your heart rate up. If you are on this thing for a few hours, you are gonna feel it. It i a good leg workout.”

Turning is a breeze. Just squeeze the handles.

Spencer Milligan: “It’s different than a traditional paddleboard. You’re gonna grab the handlebars here and you’ll stand right up. The rudder is designed to go perfectly straight, and if you wanna go left, squeeze left. If you wanna go right, squeeze right.”

And you don’t need to be a pro to ride this board.

Spencer Milligan: “If you are a first-time boarder, don’t be afraid. It’s not very tippy. Someone that’s never been on one before can hop right on here, and they can start pedaling right away.”

Prices start at $2,500. Now you can step out of the gym — and onto the water.

Spencer Milligan: “Being in South Florida, you’re in the Venice of America, so now you’re gonna have the opportunity to go explore that.”

Hobie Mirage Eclipse

Nautical Ventures
50 S. Bryan Road
Dania Beach, FL 33004
(954) 926-5250

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