Pat Cleveland hits runway at local Neiman Marcus fashion show

Shoes, dresses and accessories — all things fashion, really — are some of Shireen’s favorite things. So, missing a fabulous runway show is out of the question, especially if a legendary supermodel is strutting her stuff on the catwalk.

Wednesday night at the Neiman Marcus in Fort Lauderdale…

Bibi Siegel, Neiman Marcus: “We kicked off our fall fashion event with an incredible runway show. We had a great turnout, the store was on fire, and people are really enjoying themselves.”

Neiman’s hosted a runway extravaganza complete with the latest fall fashions. Now we know what’s hot.

Bibi Siegel: “Every shade of berry on a woman is amazing. The red lip is a must have, the choker is so important to the season, skirts with movement, floral prints, again we go back to that.”

We also know who’s hot. Enter iconic supermodel Pat Cleveland.

Bibi Siegel: “She has a very special style, and she walks with confidence, and she expresses herself, and that’s the key to be successful in fashion.”

Her special style hasn’t changed from the 70s and 80s. Work it, baby!

Pat hit Neiman’s for two important reasons. First, she’s on the cover of the store’s catalogue.

Pat Cleveland: “I’m very proud to be on the cover along with my daughter Ana.”

Second, the model is releasing a book about the fashion industry.

Pat Cleveland: “I’ve written a book called ‘Walking with the Muses,’ and I’m very proud of it because it has to do with a life in fashion. I’ve been in fashion for over half a century, and therefore I think I have a little bit of stories to tell.”

Oh, we bet. Pat counted Andy Warhol among her friends, hung out at Studio 54 and became a muse to artist Salvador Dalí.

We simply had to take the opportunity and ask her what she thinks is hot for fall.

Pat Cleveland: “I think cozying yourself up and reading my book, and finding the truth about where you can go and wear your clothes doing it. I think cuddling with a book is where it’s at.”

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