‘Paddington 2’ cast relate to the adorable bear

Bear with us — it’s Friday which means you’ve got some new movies to see! This weekend, London is calling and a brown bear with a fun red hat is hitting theaters.

Ben Whishaw (as Paddington): “Dear Aunt Lucy, you sent me to London to find a home. I have a wonderful family.”

Paddington, is back.

“Paddington 2” is the sequel to the hit 2014 movie.

It’s based on the children’s book series about a bear from Peru sent to London and who ends up living with the Brown family.

Ben Whishaw (as Paddington): “I think you are in great shape for a man your age, Mr. Brown.”

Hugh Bonneville (as Henry Brown): “How old do you think I am?”

Ben Whishaw (as Paddington): “About 80.”

This time around, Paddington wants to send an expensive pop up book as a birthday gift to his aunt, but after a mysterious robbery, the bear ends up in jail — and it’s up to the Brown family to clear his name.

Hugh Bonneville: “I think one of the reasons the character has endured, and why it people have an affection for him, both in the book and on the screen, it’s because we all have been Paddington, we have all been a stranger in a strange place.”

Hugh Bonneville is Mr. Brown, the patriarch of Paddington’s London family.

Hugh Bonneville: “We want to look after this bear, and we want him to do well because he has no malice in him.”

Sally Hawkins is Mrs. Brown.

The movie takes her back to her childhood when a friend had a stuffed Paddington doll.

Sally Hawkins: “I remember a friend had one that was big and almost the size of me, and I remember thinking, ‘Well, why haven’t I got one of those?'”

Hugh Grant plays Phoenix Buchanan, a washed up actor who’s also after the pop up book.

For the Golden Globe winning actor, being part of this story brought up fun childhood memories.

Hugh Grant: “I didn’t have the bear, but my mother did read me the stories to get me to sleep.”

We can’t tell you how the movie ends, what happens with Paddington and Phoenix or the pop up book, but we do have a spoiler alert.

Hugh Grant: “There is a big song and dance number in the credits, and it’s important that people who go see the film don’t leave the theater until the credits are half way through.”

We were excited for the movie … but now we are excited for the credits too.

“Paddington 2” is now in theaters.

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