One Ounce Club at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

There are nightclubs, sports clubs, even country clubs, and Deco loves them all. Deco’s social butterfly, Chris Van Vliet has a look at one of the coolest clubs in town.

And you’ve gotta love this club, because there’s no cover charge. Yeah, no cover charge for a club in South Florida. I can’t believe it either!

But this is a very different kind of club.

The club scene in South Florida just got even more exclusive — with the One Ounce Club.

Dieter Xiao, Council Oak Steaks & Seafood: “The One Ounce Club is a premium spirits club where only the best spirits are offered by the ounce for guests to enjoy.”

Council Oak Steaks & Seafood at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino created the One Ounce Club.

Dieter Xiao: “The One Ounce Club is not for the guests to join. It’s actually for the high-end spirits to be part of.”

You don’t need a membership. You just need to like tasting some great alcohol.

Dieter Xiao: “It’s a very unique opportunity to try some of the best spirits in the world, one ounce at a time.”

The club has some of the most rare and expensive drinks out there.

Dieter Xiao: “We have different spirits, anything from gin, rum, tequila. We have some cordials as well, but mostly scotches and cognacs. But the list is always changing.”

And getting it by the ounce is a great way to savor the flavor.

Dieter Xiao: “We recommend these spirits to be enjoyed neat, without ice or any kind of mixer.”

This exclusive membership comes at a price.

Dieter Xiao: “The price range goes from $36 to $720 per ounce. The most luxurious thing we have is the Glenmorangie Pride 1978, which retails for $720 for one ounce.”

These aren’t the types of drinks you can pick up at a liquor store.

Dieter Xiao: “Coming here is a benefit because of our large beverage program. We are able to obtain a lot of bottles you may not be able to find otherwise.

Jennifer Abbott, Council Oak Steaks & Seafood: “There is a price to pay for something that is high-end, sophisticated and a new experience.”

And if all this talk is making you thirsty, join the club.

Right now there are 30 items in the One Ounce Club, but that is always changing.


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